Renovation and furnishing of the Suuremõisa manor


The Vocational School of Hiiumaa submitted an application to the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 manor schools programme in June, 25 2013 for support of the project “Renovation and furnishing of the Suuremõisa manor”. One and half year preceding work was done before this step and the collective of the vocational school and members of local society were involved in the process. In September 2013 our application was approved.

The direct goal of this project is to renovate and furnish the manor of Suuremõisa. The indirect aim is to broaden the using opportunities of the manor, so that it would become an attractive and suitable environment for learning, working and visiting. The project started on the 01.10.2013 and was planned to be finished on the 31.12.2015.  This due date has been prolonged up to the 31.03.2016.

First it was planned, that the whole manor house would be renovated - from the outside and inside. During the procurement in March 2014 it became clear, that the funding was not enough for such a large amount of works. As it was not possible to receive additional funds, it was necessary to cut down the amount of works. The RKAS (the State Real Estate Ltd) carried another procurement and as a result, an agreement between Hiiumaa Vocational School and AS EBC Ehitus (EBC Ltd) was signed. Renovation works at the manor house began in September 2014.  

Of course, lot of surprises were hidden in the manor house with such a long history. There was something unexeptable for researchers-historians, heritage specialists, builders-renovators and for those people, just interested in the changing process of the rooms, also. For instance - finds of the deeper finishing layers, superb selection of the tapestry of the past times, new data about the constructions of the manor house etc. Students of the Vocational School of Hiiumaa and from art universities of Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Finland have taken part in the renovation.

The main emphasis of the inside works in this stage was attached to the walls, floors and ceilings. The precondition to these works was modernizing water, sewerage, and strong- and weak-current installations (that have been inadequate until now); installation of a forced ventilation system to the basement floor, cloakroom and to the first floor assembly hall; strengthening the ceiling construction; building  additional toilets and cloackroom; building special entrance for people using a wheelchair and installation a lift that joins all main three floors of the building;  renewing the canteen and café block etc. In this stage the ceiling painting of the refectory was restored and the painting in hunting-hall was conservated. The ceiling of the main hall will await for the additional funding. The central staircase and the interior doors restoration, and all the exterior decoration works will be postponed to the future, also.

The renovation project was designed by the project bureau Dagopen OÜ. Supervision is carried on by the Keskkonnaprojekt OÜ. We work together in a close cooperation with the National Heritage Board and the Estonian Ministry of Culture during the renovation. The project leader of the Hiiumaa Vocational school is Kati Kukk.

The project is supported by the EEA Grants 2009-2014 programme „Manor schools – preservation through use“. The main objective of the programme is to guarantee that cultural and natural heritage for future generations will be safe-guarded, preserved and made publicly accessible. According to the agreement, the Estonian Ministry of Culture acts as the operator of the programme. In addition to the EEA, the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research (EMER) supports the above-named project. The project is run in partnership with the Pühalepa County.

The total amount of the project is 1,176 thousand euros, of which the EEA covers 999,4 thousand euros, EMER covers 168,9 thousand euros and the Pühalepa County 7,5 thousand euros.




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