Hiiumaa Vocational School


Hiiumaa Vocational School was established in 1977 as agricultural training centre on the island Hiiumaa, Estonia. For 40 years HVS has provided initial and further vocational training, in-service training and re-qualification programs for all age groups.


HVS is one of the 33 vocational schools governed by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. The main building of the school is 250 years old baroque manor - built in 1755-1772, surrounded by a beautiful park from 18th century and a garden for practical studies. HVS is the member of the Association of Estonian Manor Schools.


There are 4 fields of study in HVS:


  • Horticulture - florist, landscape gardener, gardener


  • Building and civil engineering - restorer of wood buildings, restorer of stone buildings, log house builder
  • Transport services - small craft harbour specialist, bus driver, truck driver


  • Materials processing - plastics processing tool setter


HVS offers a variety of training courses: small entrepreneur, accountant, sustainable agriculture, animal health care, tourism, cooking, services, labour welfare (safety), computer skills etc.


There are 120-300 students in the school every year (including participants of in-service training), 60% of them come from the mainland Estonia. 


Work placement at companies has an important role in providing high quality training and is part of all training programs of HVS. Every year students participate in work placement at companies in Estonia or abroad. We also host students and teachers from our European partner schools.


If you are interested in:


  • traineeship at our school Erasmus+ Learning Traineeship
  • providing apprenticeship for our students at your company,
  • any other cooperation in vocational training,


You are most welcome to contact: Signe Leidt, See e-posti aadress on spämmirobotite eest kaitstud. Selle nägemiseks peab su veebilehitsejas olema JavaSkript sisse lülitatud.+37253309374





Hiiumaa Ametikool | rg-kood: 70002549 | Lossi 1, Suuremõisa, Hiiumaa 92302 | Telefon: 469 4391, 56 471 544 | E-post: hiiumaa.ametikool@hak.edu.ee
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